4 Weed Accessories In Marijuana History

Weed Accessories in a box
Source: Cannador

All through the dark ages of marijuana prohibition, there was always a business cultivating and distributing the plant. It was just not what you can call an industry. The fact is that there was always, even under prohibition, a legal way for entrepreneurs to make money. There were many visionaries who, at that time, had few effective marketing methods for their products. And they came up with some of the game-changing inventions. While mainstream retailers ignored problems like difficulty grinding up cannabis on a daily basis. Necessity became the mother of invention and the most classic example is the creation of double-wide rolling paper, the first of our game-changing weed accessories listed here.

  • Graffix Bongs

Graffix Waterpipes once dominated the market with affordable plastic pipes. Those who smoked pot in the 1990s would probably know how game-changing Graffix was as it spread the bong technology far and wide. It is one of the nationally identified brands in the head shop time. And if the internet is loaded with a range of tubes today, it is much due to the game-changing development Graffix undertook in the legal cannabis industry.

  • Sweetleaf Grinder

Winning the ‘Best Product’ award soon after its official launch, the Sweetleaf Grinder has changed the game in such a way that young smokers doubt that this essential accessory came late in the game. It is no surprise that after using fingers or scissors to break up the cannabis, the community easily adopted this innovative technology at an incredible rate. A good grinder performs much better than scissors could ever manage to do. Every time a person sees somebody else turning minutes of the job into seconds with Sweetleaf, a grinder is sold. Sweetleaf Grinders were the first of the 21st-century weed accessories and absolutely a game-changer.

  • E-Z Wide Rolling Papers

In the early times, it was a common practice among smokers to use two rolling papers glued together to roll up weed in sufficient quantity to get few people stoned. The problem was that this method created a fragile rolling vessel and it was so widespread that cannabis enthusiasts came up with an idea of selling a rolling paper which was already twice the actual size. Burt Rubin borrowed capital from a bank and started producing rolling papers, naming the brand E-Z Wide. Making it quite easier, rolling papers were definitely one of the best game-changing weed accessories ever invented.

  • Volcano Vaporizer

Weed combusts with a lighter easily and creates smoke. However, when heated at low temperatures, the essential oils are released in the form of fine vapor which is better on the lungs as it contains CBD, THC and other compounds. Vaporization, thus, offers the advantages of smoking without being exposed to the harmful effects of smoke. While cannabis vaporization broke through in the 1970s, Volcano hit the European markets in 1990s. The vaporizer came with a look and feel of medical equipment with a sleek design, precise performance and German engineering. Years of research and development followed and when Volcano reached the American market, it set a standard that nobody else could live up to. It was soon certified officially as a medical-grade device. Today, these vaporizers come in different sizes and shapes including high-tech portables and disposable vape pens. If you want to purchase any weed accessory of your choice then click to visit dispensary.